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We’re supplying high quality (mobile) power supply products at extremely competitive prices since 1991. We manufacture and distribute:

About us

Samlex Europe manufactures and distributes power conversion products to more than 90 countries worldwide.

Samlex products are exhaustively tested under the most extreme situations for optimal performance.

Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction are the basis for our business. That’s why we are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Business Industries

The Samlex power conversion products are being used in a wide range of business sectors for various applications. Our products are being used in automotive applications such as trucks, in applications where solar energy is used, in communication installations and wireless setups and in various marine and industrial applications. Industries we serve:


Samlex Europe offers a complete line of power products for installation in cars and recreational vehicles (RVs). 

Samlex has the right systems and products for every need for energy.



Samlex products are extremely suitable for use in heavy duty applications for mobile and wired communications. 

Our products help to power mobile networks, transmitters and all sorts of communication applications.


Samlex likes to make sure the electronics in a truck allow for some of the creature comforts of home.

Some of these comforts, like a Microwave, TV or Laptop need a Samlex AC inventer.


The Marine products from Samlex Europe guarantee sufficient and stable power on board of your vessel, whether or not you are sailing or using many different electronic devices simultaneously.

OEM/ODM service

We design and manufacture custom power products and provide OEM/ODM services for familiar brands around the globe. Our OEM partners span a diverse range of markets. Whether you have a great idea to take to market, are looking to replace old technology, or simply reduce costs, we can help. 

From modifying an existing in-production Samlex Europe product to a fully customized solution, our experienced sales engineering team will collaborate with you to ensure the right solution is created to fit your unique application and requirements. Get your product to market on time and on budget with our OEM services.

Contact us

Samlex believes power supply at industrial mobile sites is sometimes recreational and sometimes a pure necessity, but should always be safely and reliably available.

Please contact Samlex Europe if you are looking for a specific application or customised (oEnn) products. Our specialists will be happy to offer the solution you need.

Samlex Europe is a strictly B2B company. If you are a consumer, please see our Distributors page to find your nearest distributor.