DC-DC Converters Step-Up

DC - DC power converters which raise the input DC voltage level to a higher value. These are housed in a metal case which can easily be mounted directly to (or near) your equipment. Models are available with output current capability ranging from 1 Amps to 20 Amps.

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DC-DC Converters Step-Down

A complete line of high quality DC/DC converters in a compact housing.  This series is eminently suitable for applications requiring stability, a modest development of heat and, above all, low energy consumption. These products are also distinguished by high efficiency, together with absolute safety. An inferior supply can cause irrepairable damage to your 12 Volt system, but using a Samlex voltage converter will prevent problems of  that type.

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Isolated DC-DC Converters

DC DC converters are designed to increase, or decrease, the DC voltage put into the unit. Samlex offers DC-DC Converters which will convert source DC into a
 variety of output voltages at power levels to suit your requirements. The IDC-series is a complete line of highly efficient 100, 200 or 360 Watt isolated DC-DC converter, suitable for applications requiring galvanic isolation between the input and the output. The isolated converters provide a highly regulated output DC voltage of 12.5, 24.5 or even 48 Vdc and rated output of 8, 15 or 30 Amp (12 Vdc models) 4, 8, 15 Amp (24 Vdc models) and 4, 7.5 Amp (48 Vdc models).

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