PIR DC-Switch

Passive Infra Red DC-Switch

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Galvanic Isolator

To meet the current CE standard (ENSIO 13297), the ground of the AC shore power must be connected to the ground of the boat. When lightweight is requested, the GI-16 is the most ideal product to be installed between the ground of the AC-shore power and the boat.

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Insulation Guard

AC power in a vehicle especially in a mobile application where AC power from the grid is not
readily available is an attractive solution but brings with it certain safety and operational issues.
Within a automotive vehicle application and conformity to applicable safety legislation requirements
for the user safety of connected AC powered tools and equipment to / from a mains
230VAC power source generated by an DC to AC power inverter installed in a vehicle, Connection
and operation of such tools and equipment outside the vehicle where a high safety hazard
and potential risk of electric shock to the user would exists than an RCD (Residual Current
Device) or a SAMLEX AC Isolation Guard must be correctly installed inline of the 230VAC inverter
and AC electrical system within the vehicle, be regularly tested and conform to all relevant safety
legislation and certification where applicable.
Be fully operational at all times as a safety protection device both whilst connected and whilst
in use outside the vehicle.

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Battery Accessories Miscellaneous

Samlex Europe offers a variety of Power Conversion Accessories, including a Battery Equaliser, Universal Battery Separator for Albright relay.

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