BE 24-1

The Battery Equaliser is designed to keep the same voltage level of both batteries during charging in a 24Vdc installation, which is composed of two 12Volt batteries. Ensures a timely detection and solves the problem, which will result in an extended live of your batteries.

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  • Input Voltage 20 to 35 Vdc
  • Output Voltage n/a
  • Dimensions 100 x 90 x 35 mm
  • Weight 0,097 Kgs
  • Output Max equalizer current +/- 2, 5A


A unique product; 1 product for 3 different applications. This Multi Purpose Converter is carrying a DC-DC voltage converter, 3-step 24Vdc-12Vdc batterycharger and 12/24 Vdc dimmerfunction in one hand. The MPC-20 is having common ground for easy installation, remote switch and temperature sensor option. In case the main battery( bank) is charged, automatically the 12Vdc service battery(bank) will be charged according to a real charge algorithm. Your LED light can be easily dimmed by a pulseswitch. The MPC-20 is the best allround DC-converter with an excellent price performance ratio.

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  • Input Voltage 18-35Vdc (depends on the setting)
  • Output Voltage 12-15Vdc (depends on the setting)
  • Dimensions 190x123x66 mm
  • Weight 0,90 kgs
  • Output 20 Amp

BDL 01

The BDL 01 is the ultimate battery datalogger to keep a close eye on your battery/batteries in a friendly way. Trough adjustable measuring intervals the voltage and temperature of your battery/batteries will be stored by the BDL, with the use of the BDL Smart View Software you can download the data from your BDL to analyze this data on your computer for several years.

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  • Output Voltage
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
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