DC-DC Converter

Here, you will discover a comprehensive selection of high-quality power converters designed to meet a wide range of electrical conversion needs. Samlex is a renowned industry leader in power supply solutions, renowned for their dedication to delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative products.

  • DC-DC Converter Step-Down

    A complete line of high quality DC/DC converters in a compact housing. This series is eminently suitable for applications requiring stability, a modest development of heat and, above all, low energy consumption.
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    • DC-DC Converter Step-Up

      DC - DC power converters which raise the input DC voltage level to a higher value. These are housed in a metal case which can easily be mounted directly to (or near) your equipment. Models are available with output current capability ranging from 1 Amps to 20 Amps.
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      • Isolated DC-DC Converter

        DC DC converters are designed to increase, or decrease, the DC voltage put into the unit. Samlex offers DC-DC Converters which will convert source DC into a variety of output voltages at power levels to suit your requirements.
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