The Omnicharge 24-80 is a real state of the art fully programmable automatic battery charger designed for professional applications. This advanced fully automatic IUoUoP 4-stage 80 Amp battery charger is ideal for charging all types of 24 Volt lead-acid batteries ( Flooded / Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) / Gel Cell and LiFePO4)  from a 180-260Vac, 50Hz Hz AC source. Up to 6 chargers can be connected in parallel, allowing synchronized charging currents up to 480Amp. Three separate battery banks can be charged simultaneously due to the the triple output design.

✓ Innovative product design
✓ ISO 9001-2015 certified
✓ Strict Quality Control

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Input Voltage 180-260Vac
Output Voltage 27-31Vdc
Dimensions 370x271x132mm
Output 80Amp, 3 batterybanks
Fuse Rating n/a
Weight 7,5Kgs

Product benefits

  • Switch mode technology for high efficiency, lightweight and quiet operation
  • Three full current outputs
  • Industrial design
  • Parallel capability up to 6 units
  • Protected against battery failure, high temperature, overload, short circuit, low input voltage and reverse polarity
  • Multistage intelligent charging programs
  • Programmable charging programs up to 8 stages
  • Remote on/off capability, by Universal Remote Control or Basic Remote Control (option)
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Easy to access connection bay for installing AC-DC and control wiring
  • European product
  • 2 year warranty

Product documentation