The very robust electronic and mechanical design have made the Powersine inverter series the best choice for reliability. Designed for an extremely long lifespan and protected against short circuits, overloading and high temperatures, a Powersine inverter will provide trouble free operation for many years. The latest technology results in extremely efficient operation with very low ‘noload’ consumption. The Automatic Standby Function (ASB), standard in all Powersine inverters, will even reduce the no load consumption by an extra 70%! These Powersine inverters are also equipped with a SAMLEXLink port to connect to a SAMLEX Remote Control or to a Windows device for easy step by step configuration and read out through the SAMLEX Dashboard software. A fully configurable alarm relay output and unique trigger inputs, which can convert external trigger commands into a number of Powersine status changes, are also available. All this is combined in a very compact, yet installer friendly unit.


Input Voltage 10.5 to 16 VDC
Output Voltage 230VAC+/-2%
Dimensions 431 x 370 x 132mm
Output 2600 Watts
Fuse Rating n/a
Weight 19.0 Kgs

Product benefits

  • Pure sinewave AC output
  • Robust design
  • High surge power output
  • Very efficient
  • Protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload and short circuit
  • Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption
  • Variable speed fan for silent operation
  • Remote control capability via Basic Remote Control (BRC)
  • Configurable 16A alarm relay
  • Easy to access connection bay for installing AC- and control wiring
  • 50/60Hz through dipswitch
  • European product
  • 2 year warranty

Product documentation

PS 3000-12_slicksheetSpecification
Manual PS 2000-3500Manual
Bedienungsanleitung PS 2000-3500Manual
Mode-d-Emploi PS 2000-3500Manual
Manual-de-Propietario PS2000-3500Manual
Gebruiksaanwijzing PS 2000-3500Manual